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MUtech™ The Andersons mark for Nitrogen of slow liberation (metileno urea). All products of metileno urea are the combination of small, médium and large chains of Mutech is one optimized combination of this molecules, thought for the turf thave one uniform color, to improve the density and control between 12-16 weeks with a normal athmosphere conditions.

The liberation mechanism is a microbiol degradation, in this case the nitrogen liberation is gradual and does not affect the lawnmover and others cultural labors.Mutech is ideal for greens, tees, and turf with a low cut- when you need a small particle formula.

Gráfico liberacion MUTech









MUtech-L™ Technology

Tecnología MUTech-L

You need one long liberation to use in fairways or sport fields? The MUtech-L™ (long chain) maybe is the best product for your turf nutrition plan.

This long connection variant of metileno-urea will be propocionated until 24 weeks of nitrogen liberation.

MUtech-L™ is one combination to leading long connections, this characteristics make posible a slow and low liberation, you can use until 2 libras of nitrogen for 1000 feets for the nutrition in the large-season. Combine the tools to nourish the turf (TNT) and the granulated dispertion technology (NutriDG), this Nitrogen of slow liberation is perfect to the maintanance of the turf.


Grafico Liberación MUTech y MUtech-L



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