Andersons Turf International


Liberation of Technologies.

Extend™ Technology

Polimer Coated Slow Release Nitrogen.


Tecnología Extend


Extend™ - Extend is patented for the Andersons, is area cover by one polymeric “layer” and this permit the long and slow liberation of nitrogen. Propocionated the control in the process of long liberation of nitrogen to maintanance the turf uniform and improve the quality in 12 weeks or more.



Gráfico Liberación Tecnología Extend


Coated Slow Release Nitrogen.

Tecnología NS-52 Estructura granular


NS-52™is the Andersons mark to the cover polymer Nitrogen sulfure of slow liberation. The NS-52™ have a continue and trustworthy slow liberation, controlated for a correct development of the turf, this product prevent the growth peaks.

NS-52™ have a resistent and during cover to improve there handling and for a easy application. NS-52™ have uniform granules to prevent the separation in the mixtures and to propocionated a uniform contribution of nutrients.


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